Are you a football fan? Do you ever wonder why the coach of your favorite team or a legendary coach of another team make the decisions they do during a game? Or, what is it they do during the week to get their teams ready for the game? It’s something many fans think about and discuss with friends, family or colleagues at work. For some, the coach is everything to that team, program or franchise. However, fans aren’t the only ones analyzing how a certain coach operates on game day or how they run a program. Coaching is a profession best taught by other coaches. So the examination of how a coach operates is also the favorite past time of many, if not all coaches.

Undertheheadset.com was created to be a venue where people can get a peak behind the curtain of a coach’s mind. The only access most fans and other coaches get to a coach is through press conferences. Well, press conferences don’t always provide in-depth insights into a coach’s thought process, as the degree of openness varies greatly from coach to coach. The intent of the content on this site is to try and reach deeper and give a perspective not readily available on other sites/venues.

Now, just to be clear, here’s what this site is not about. First, this site is not about discussing coaches on the “hot seat.” That type of gossip and debate has many other homes a reader can find. That type of discussion is something this site has no interest in as it totally removes the human element from coaching. When you are discussing the “hot seat” you are discussing the future and well-being of not just the head coach, but also their assistants and all of their families.

Second, this site is not going to be the “go-to” site for coaching carousel updates. If somebody else already does something and does it better than anybody else, then there’s no need to try and reinvent the wheel. On that note, the guys over at http://www.footballscoop.com are the best at what they do and we will refer you to their site for the latest coaching change news. They are the guys that we and most coaches follow for that news.

Lastly, a few words about me. I’ve been writing primarily about college football for the last five years for a few different websites. I’ve contributed to www.sports-glutton.com, www.insidetheacc.com, www.astatenation.com and www.goheels.com. Some of the content originally published on http://www.sports-glutton.com is posted in our archives here and on our front page. I currently have two different season-long interview series with college football head coaches. One is with Arkansas State Head Coach, Blake Anderson. The other is with University of North Carolina Head Coach Larry Fedora. These interview series were part of the motivation in creating this site. The end goal is to bring as many coaches and their stories as we can to this site for the readers.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy our content.

– Jeff Greenberg